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University of Wyoming

Staff, Research Associates, & Graduate Students

For further information about the herbarium or to arrange a visit please contact the curator or herbarium manager.



Dr. Ronald L. Hartman, Curator

Ernie Nelson, Herbarium Manager


Research Associates

Ackerfeld, Jennifer, Curator, Colorado State University Herbarium, Ft. Collins
Flora of Colorado

Brasher, Jeff, Environmental consultant, Laramie
Wyoming invasive and sensitive plants

Burkhart, Beth, Wind Cave National Monument, South Dakota
Flora western South Dakota, especially sensitive plants, conservation biology

Delmatier, Charmaine Refsdal, Environmental consultant, Jackson, Wyoming
Flora of southwestern Wyoming, Intermountain region

Dorn, Bob, Environmental consultant, Lingle, Wyoming
Salix, floras of Wyoming, Montana, Black Hills; sensitive plants, conservation biology

Elliott, Brian, Environmental consultant, Laramie
Flora of south-central Colorado, alpine flora of Colorado, sensitive plants, conservation biology, edible and poisonous plants

Evert, Erwin, Park Ridge, Illinois
Flora of the Greater Yellowstone region

Fertig, Walt, Environmental consultant, Kanab, Utah
Flora of southern Utah and Wyoming, especially sensitive plants, conservation biology

Flaig, Jeanette, Environmental consultant, Laramie
Flora of the eastern San Juan Mountains, Colorado, sensitive plants, conservation biology

Fowler, James, Ecologist, Rocky Mountain Research Station, USFS, Flagstaff, Arizona
Flora of central Arizona, alpine flora of southern Rocky Mountains, climate change

Handley, Joy, Wyoming Natural Diversity Database, UW, Laramie
Wyoming sensitive plants, conservation biology

Hastings, Nancy, Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands, Ft. Collins, Colorado
Sensitive plants on U.S. military lands, conservation biology

Heidel, Bonnie, Wyoming Natural Diversity Database, UW, Laramie
Wyoming sensitive plants, conservation biology

Jennings, Bill & Carolyn Crawford, Louisville, Colorado
Preeminent botanist and botanical artist, respectively

Kostel, Grace, Curator, Black Hills State University Herbarium, South Dakota
Flora of western South Dakota and Nebraska

Larson, Jill, Flora of Carson and Black Hills NFs, New Mexico/South Dakota, respectively
General florists, sensitive plants, conservation biology

Legler, Ben, Burke Museum, Seattle, Washington
Flora of Pacific Northwest, northern New Mexico, bioinformatics

†Markow, Stuart, Rocky Mountain Herbarium, UW, Laramie
Flora of northwestern Wyoming and adjacent Idaho; Umatilla NF, Oregon and Washington

Marriott, Hollis, Environmental consultant and educator, Laramie
Sensitive plants of Wyoming and South Dakota, conservation biology

Moore, Lynn, Environment consultant and educator, graduate student, UW, Casper, Laramie
Flora of the San Juan Mountains, Colorado; sensitive plants, conservation biology

Rabeler, Rich, University of Michigan Herbarium, Ann Arbor
Caryophyllaceae of North America

Reif, Brian, Environmental consultant, graduate student, University of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff
Flora of Santa Fe NF, sensitive plants, conservation biology

Schmidt, Larry, UW Libraries, Laramie
Imaging of herbarium specimens, databasing

Scott, Dick, Fremont County Weed and Pest; Central Wyoming College, retired
Alpine flora of the Rockies, invasive and sensitive plants, conservation biology

Taylor, Amy, Environmental consultant and educator, Jackson, Wyoming
Sensitive plants of Montana and Wyoming, conservation biology

Taylor, Kevin, Teton Science School, Jackson, Wyoming
Sensitive plants of Montana and Wyoming, conservation biology, educator

Williams, Roger, Emeritus Professor, Department of History, UW, Laramie
Botanical historian, flora of south-central Wyoming and adjacent Colorado

Current Graduate Students

Current Master's Degree Floristics Students with study areas:

Elliott, Emily, Absaroka, Beartooth, and Gallatin Ranges, Montana and Wyoming

Kuhn, Bernadette, Comanche and Cimarron Nat. Grassl., Colorado/Kansas, respectively, San Isabel NF

Legler, Benjamin S., Vermejo Park Ranch, New Mexico/Colorado

Lukas, Laura, Snowy Range, Medicine Bow NF, Wyoming

McNeill, Richard, Lewis and Clark NF, Wyoming

Past Graduate Students, with Theses

All of the following are M.S. theses completed in the Department of Botany, the University of Wyoming (except Sarah Nunn who did fieldwork through the RM but her degree was from the University of Arkansas). An asterisk [*] indicates projects in which field work was completed but not the thesis.

Pre-1977, theses completed in floristics:

Aslamy, M. N. 1965. Upland Vegetation of the Pole Creek Drainage, Pole Mountain Area, Wyoming, v + 63 pp.

Bennett, I. D. 1927. The Seed-Plants of the Medicine Bow National Forest, 161 pp.

Holliday, J. N. 1965. Vascular Plants of a Sedge Meadow, Pole Mountain Area, Wyoming, iv + 30 pp.

Jozwik, F. X. 1963. A Flora of Casper Mountain (Natrona County, Wyoming). iv + 173 pp.

Lofgren, L. G. 1956. Alpine Flowering Plants of the Cloud Peak – Cliff Lake Area, Big Horn County, Wyoming, vii + 28 pp.

Nelson, B. E. 1974. Vascular Plants of the Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming, iii + 391 pp.

Scott, R. W. 1966. The Alpine Flora of Northwestern Wyoming, v + 219 pp.

Willits, V. 1911. The Vascular Plants of the Little Goose Water-Shed, 66 pp.

Post-1977, theses related to the inventory of the Flora of the Rocky Mountains:

Arnett, M. 2002. A Floristic Inventory of the Southern Gunnison Basin and the Southeastern Uncompahgre Basin, Colorado, v + 69 pp.

Bradtke, H. 2002*. Flora of the Umatilla National Forest, Oregon and Washington.

Chumley, T. W. 1998. A Floristic Inventory of the East Slope, Central Colorado, viii + 183 pp.

Cramer, T. K. 1997. A Floristic Survey of the Upper Green River Basin, Wyoming, vi + 126 pp.

Delmatier, C. R. 1998. A General Floristic Survey of Southwest Wyoming and Adjacent Northeast Utah, ix + 200 pp.

Dueholm, K. 1980*. A Floristic Inventory of the Powder River Basin, Wyoming.

Ebertowski, P. J. 2005. A Floristic Inventory of the Vascular Plants of the Thunder Basin National Grassland and Vicinity, Wyoming, iv + 76 pp.

Elliott, B. A. 2000. A Vascular Flora of South-Central Colorado, iv + 113 pp.

Fertig, W. 1992. A Floristic Survey of the West Slope of the Wind River Range, Wyoming, vii + 187 pp.

Flaig, J. H. 2007. A Vascular Plant Inventory of the Eastern San Juan Mountains and Vicinity in Southern Colorado, v + 125 pp.

Foley, E. K. 2006. A Floristic Inventory of the Arapaho National Forest and Bureau of Land Management Lands in Grand County, Colorado, v + 108 pp.

Haines, J. 1988. A Flora of the Wind River Basin and Adjacent Areas, Fremont, Natrona, and Carbon Counties, Wyoming, v + 76 pp.

Handley, J. C. 2005. A Floristic Inventory of the Payette National Forest and Vicinity, vi + 75 pp.

Hill, E. 2006. A Botanical Survey in Grand Teton National Park: Plants Used by Native Americans, v + 89 pp.

Holt, E. A. 2002. Vascular Flora of the Sawatch, West Mosquito, and West Gore Ranges and Castle Peak Area, Colorado, iv + 97 pp.

Kastning, N. 1990. A Floristic Survey of the Park and Sierra Madre Ranges, Colorado and Wyoming, vi + 99 pp.

Kirkpatrick, R. S. 1987. A Flora of the Southeastern Absarokas, Wyoming, ix + 166 pp.

Kostel, G. M. 2006. A Floristic Inventory of the Buffalo Gap National Grassland (South Dakota) and Oglala National Grassland (Nebraska), vi + 93 pp.

Larson, J. E. 2008. A Floristic Inventory of Vascular Plants of the Carson National Forest and Vicinity, North-Central New Mexico, vi + 139 pp.

Lichvar, R. W. 1979. The Flora of the Gros Ventre Mountains, vi + 384 pp.

Lum, L. H. 2004. A Vascular Flora of the Bighorn Basin, Northern Wyoming, v + 103 pp.

Lyon, M. J. 1996. A Floristic Survey of the San Miguel and Lower Dolores River Drainages, Colorado and Utah, vii + 163 pp.

Markow, S. 1994. A Floristic Survey of the Targhee National Forest and Vicinity, vii + 164 pp.

Marriott, H. 1985. Flora of the Northwestern Black Hills, Crook and Weston Counties, Wyoming, vi + 93 pp.

Massatti, R. T. 2007. A Floristic Inventory of the East Slope of the Wind River Mountain Range and Vicinity, Wyoming, iv + 120 pp.

Moore, L. M. 1998. Floristics of the Upper Dolores River Drainage and Adjacent Areas, Southwestern Colorado, x + 160 pp.

Newton, R. E. 2008. A Floristic Inventory of Selected Bureau of Land Management Wetlands of Wyoming, v + 36 pp.

Nunn, S. C. 2003. A Vascular Flora of the Canyon Lakes Ranger District of Roosevelt National Forest, Larimer County, and Adjacent Areas, Colorado, vii + 84 pp.

Packer, B. A. 2000. A Floristic Study of the Laramie Range, Wyoming, v + 104 pp.

Reif, B. P. 2006. A Vascular Plant Inventory of Santa Fe National Forest (Including the Valles Caldera National Preserve) and Vicinity, North-central New Mexico, iv +117 pp.

Rosenthal, D. M. 1999. A Floristic Survey of Selected Areas in Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming, v + 85 pp.

Scott [Kesonie], D. T. 2009. A Floristic Survey of Grand Teton National Park and the Pinyon Peak Highlands, Wyoming, iii + 76 pp.

Snow, N. 1989. Floristics of the Headwaters Region of the Yellowstone River (Wyoming), viii +116 pp.

Taylor, A. R. 2000. The Vascular Flora of the Upper North Platte River Drainage, Wyoming, v + 97 pp.

Taylor, K. J. 2000. A Floristic Inventory of the Northern Gunnison Basin, Colorado, vi + 103 pp.

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Ward, B. A. [Burkhart] 1998. A Floristic Survey of South-Central Wyoming, v + 132 pp.

Welp, L. A. 1997. A Floristic Survey of the Great Divide Basin, Green Mountains, and Upper Sweetwater Plateau in Southwest Wyoming, vi +135 pp.

Wood, J. W. 1997. A Floristic Inventory of the Vascular Plants of the Western Colville National Forest and Vicinity, Washington, v + 93 pp.