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University of Wyoming

Wilhelm G. Solheim Mycological Herbarium


The Wilhelm G. Solheim Mycological Herbarium (RMS) facilitates the study of fleshy fungi (e.g., mushrooms, puffballs, truffles) and parasitic ones (e.g., rusts, smuts, powdery mildews). The herbarium (definition) contains over 48,000 specimens from around the world. It represents in part the life's work of Dr. Solheim who, for over 50 years, assembled specimens through his research on the fungi of the Rockies and through the exchange of duplicates with colleagues here and abroad. The herbarium is available for study by qualified students and researchers. A mycological reference library is housed with the collection.

Inquiries should be addressed to:

Steven L. Miller, Curator
Solheim Mycological Herbarium
Department of Botany (Dept. 3165)
University of Wyoming
1000 E. University Ave.
Laramie, WY 82071-3165
FAX 307-766-2851

Or contact Dr. Ronald L. Hartman at phone (307) 766-2236, fax (307) 766-2851, or e-mail rhartman(at)uwyo(dot)edu.

Russula aciculocystis

Photo: Russula aciculocystis (Steven L. Miller)