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University of Wyoming

Summary of Collections at RM

The figure 825,000 includes accessions in the RM and the National Herbarium of the U. S. Forest Service (USFS).  With the RMS (60,000), the total is 885,000.  In addition, the Department of Renewable Resources houses the Alan A. Beetle Grass Collection (WYAC; 60,000 sheets). 

The RM/USFS has a backlog from past projects of more than 350,000 acquisitions. They are identified, in various stages of processing, and readily accessible.  All species of conservation concern have been removed and accessioned.  Annually between 19,000 and 25,000 collections are accessioned.

Total acquisitions at UW stand at ~1,300,000 (825,000 RM/USFS + ~350,000 backlog + 60,000 RMS + 60,000 WYAC).