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University of Wyoming

Online Data: databases, atlas, checklists


Data Restrictions and Usage Guidelines: Please refer to our data usage guidelines for disclaimers and information on specimens and data we exclude from our online database. Access to specimen data not provided here must be arranged with the Curator.


Specimen Databases

The RM specimen database contains over 700,000 specimen records from RM and USFS, most of which are publicly available through our online search pages below. Nearly all specimens have been assigned latitude & longitude coordinates for use in mapping applications. Scientific names are standardized to those contained in the RM checklists.

RM Specimen Database
Access 824,123 vascular plant specimen records from The Rocky Mountains and western North America. Search by label data or by defining an area on a map. View results as a list of specimens and an interactive map of specimen distributions. Data can be downloaded in several formats.


Type Specimens at RM

Over 5,000 type specimens are housed at RM. These are accessible online with label data, annotation histories, and high resolution images of each specimen. Simply use the "Restrict results to Types" checkbox to see the Types results.


The Rocky Mountain Region Digital Herbarium
An online collection of herbaria specimen images and record information, it is a searchable web interface allowing users to select through a variety of parameters and provides export options to save and access reports from a search query.



A Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Colorado

A Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Wyoming

Invasive Vascular Plants of Wyoming

Photo: Coptis occidentalis, northern Idaho.