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University of Wyoming


Generic circumscriptions largely traditional; relevant names from regional floras and checklists included with explicit attribution

By Ronald L. Hartman and B. E. Nelson

[ca. 183 pages]

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Reasons for compiling this checklist are: 1) to provide a list of accepted plant names for graduate students and staff at the Rocky Mountain Herbarium (RM) involved in floristic studies in Colorado, 2) to provide relevant synonymies, based on names accepted in the Synthesis, PLANTS, Harrington, and Weber & Wittmann, etc., for cross referencing, and 3) to provide a standard list of accepted names for the Rocky Mountain Herbarium database.

Summary of Taxa:

Invasives from outside North America, 393 taxa.

Invasives from elsewhere in North America, 105 taxa.

Total taxa invasive to Colorado, 498 taxa or 14.5 percent of flora.

Colorado endemics are those taxa known to occur only within the confines of the state. Currently there are 97 Colorado endemics (79 species, 14 varieties, 2 subspecies, and 2 named hybrids) in this checklist.

The number of recognized taxa are:

Species = 3025; Hybrid Species = 35; Subspecies = 19; Varieties = 351; Total Unique Taxa = 3430