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University of Wyoming

Data Usage Policy

Use of RM specimen data or products on the RM web site derived thereof (e.g., atlases, checklists) requires adherance to RM's data usage policy:

  1. The RM Herbarium retains all rights to its specimen data.
  2. Although RM makes every effort to ensure the quality and accuracy of its data we cannot guarantee that the data is free of errors. Users employ these data at their own risk. Data users are encouraged to personally verify data before use in critical applications.
  3. Data errors should be reported to the Herbarium Manager.
  4. Users shall respect restrictions of access to sensitive data, including the localities of taxa of conservation concern where these are blocked from the web site.
  5. Users must, in conjunction with the use of the data, acknowledge the RM Herbarium.

In certain cases the RM Herbarium blocks access to specimen data or localities from our online database:

  1. Locality data for taxa of conservation concern, primarily for threatened and endangered taxa or certain charismatic taxa. Not all taxa listed by state or federal angencies have their localities blocked.
  2. Specimens collected for recent floristics projects that are still in progress. These specimens will be made available online following completion of the project, provided that suitable permissions are obtained from the primary investigators and land owners.
  3. Specimens collected on private lands, unless the land owner has granted permission to make these specimens publicly available through our web site.
  4. Other special cases, including specimens cited in upcoming publications or undescribed taxa awaiting formal publication.

Citing Data

The following format may be used to cite RM specimen data:

  • Herbarium specimen data provided by the Rocky Mountain Herbarium (Accessed through RM Herbarium web site,, YYYY-MM-DD)

For example:

  • Herbarium specimen data provided by the Rocky Mountain Herbarium (Accessed through RM Herbarium web site,, 2000-05-16)