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University of Wyoming

Flora of North America Project

The curator is a member of the board of directors for the Flora of North America Project which is based at the Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis. Various FNA centers include the Intermountain Herbarium (USU), Utah, Harvard University Herbaria (HUH), Mass., Hunt Institute, Penn., BRIT, Northern Arizona University (NAU), BONAP, N.C., BRIT, Texas, and others. He is also the regional coordinator for the Rocky Mountains (Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming). Regional reviewers include B. E. Nelson (RM), Tim Hogan (COLO, Colorado), Bonnie Heidel (Montana Heritage Program, Helena, Montana), Steve Shelly (Forest Service, Missoula, Montana), Stan Welsh (BRY, Utah), and Ron Hartman and Ernie Nelson (RM, Wyoming). Once a manuscript relevant to the region has been evaluated, the curator summaries the comments and they are returned to the taxon editor. The curator also serves as taxon editor for the Caryophyllaceae (with Richard Rabeler, MICH), Hydrophyllaceae, Myrsinaceae, Pittosporaceae, Primulaceae, Salicaceae, and Violaceae.  The curator also has served as taxon editor for the Caryophyllaceae (with Richard Rabeler, MICH), and involved with the editing of the Hydrophyllaceae, Myrsinaceae, Pittosporaceae, Primulaceae, and Violaceae.

Botanists interested in participating in the project at whatever level should contact the regional coordinator or the FNA office at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

For more information please check the FNA home page: Flora of North America and click on the headings, or contact Flora of North America, Missouri Botanical Garden, P.O.Box 299, St. Louis, Missouri 63166-0299.