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Philmont National Scout Ranch

Ronald L. Hartman

Inventory dates: 1968

This represents a summer project by R. L. Hartman (while avoiding his thesis on Wyoming Caryophyllaceae during the interim between the retirement of C. L. Porter and his replacement by J. R. and Charlotte G. Reeder from Yale University). Fieldwork was conducted primarily during the summer of 1968. The area encompassed the greater Ponil-Pueblano benchland region, Baldy Mountain and Touch Me Not Ridge to the south, Mount Phillips, Comanche, Cimarroncito, Black, Bear, and Trail mountains, Tooth-of-Time Ridge, and Urraca Mesa (Colfax County) for a total of about 210 mi2 ranging in elevation from 6,500 to 12,441 feet. Fourteen taxa new to New Mexico were documented and Eriogonum aliquantum Reveal was discovered as new to science. Also vouchered were numerous exotics and noxious weeds. Funding was provided the Ranch and the University of Wyoming. Besides the original set of specimens at RM, a nearly complete set of specimens is housed at TEX. Additional collecting, ~500 specimens, was done by Bruce Embury in 1991. These remain to be identified.

Results & Data

Project Area:
210 mi.2
# of Collections:
1790 *
# of Taxa Collected:
? *
# of State Records:
# of Sensitive Taxa:
# of Exotic Taxa:
# of Noxious Weeds:

* Data for this project have not yet been released.

Project Map:

Map shows the approximate project boundary. Collection sites and specimen data for this project have not yet been released.

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