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Jewel Cave National Monument

Hollis Marriott

Inventory dates: 1985

This represents a project by RM Associate Hollis Marriott. Fieldwork was conducted during the summer of 1985. The area encompassed the Monument for a total of 2 mi2 in Custer County. Collected were 407 specimens documenting 227 unique taxa. Hollis has also curated their herbarium.

Results & Data

Project Area:
2 mi.2
# of Collections:
407 *
# of Taxa Collected:
227 *
# of State Records:
# of Sensitive Taxa:
# of Exotic Taxa:
# of Noxious Weeds:

* Data for this project have not yet been released.

Project Map:

Map shows the approximate project boundary. Collection sites and specimen data for this project have not yet been released.

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