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Laramie Basin

B. E. Nelson, R. L. Hartman

Inventory dates:

This represents a staff project by B. E. Nelson and R. L. Hartman. Fieldwork has been conducted over several summers. The area encompasses the greater Laramie Valley and adjacent foothills (Albany County) for a total of 3,133 mi2 ranging in elevation from 6,500 to 7,600 feet. Collected are numerous specimens documenting an unknown number of taxa. Species of conservation concern include Astragalus tridactylicus, Öonopsis wardii, Sisyrinchium pallidum, and Sphaeromeria simplex documented at numerous sites. Also vouchered are a large number of exotics and noxious weeds. Funding has been provided by the University of Wyoming.

Results & Data

Project Area:
3133 mi.2
# of Collections:
# of Taxa Collected:
# of State Records:
# of Sensitive Taxa:
# of Exotic Taxa:
# of Noxious Weeds:

Project Map:

Map shows the approximate project boundary. Collection sites are displayed as red dots. Click on a dot to view site information and a list of specimens from that site.

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